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Cayenne & Ginger Root Capsules

Cayenne & Ginger Root Capsules

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 Cayenne is a natural pain reliever and is packed with vitamins A & E. It promotes cardiovascular health, reduces inflammation, cleanses the blood, regulates blood pressure, relieves arthritis, snaps fevers/flu/cold, assists with ulcers, and stops minor internal bleeding. Not to mention it has anti-fungal/ anti-bacterial properties.

Ginger Root aids in soothing irritable bowel syndrome, relieves tired muscles, helps motion and morning sickness, fights infections, has anti-cancer properties, blocks heartburn, and nevertheless assists the body with better nutrient absorption; thus providing you with more energy.

They both are anti-spasmodic providing relief from menstrual cramping, detox the body, prompt weight loss by boosting the metabolism, increase overall circulation, clears congestion and sinuses, improves blood glucose levels, boost the immune system, and combats arthritis as well as the inflammation associated with it.

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