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Using Herbs That Enhance Beauty

Herbs for beauty 

Herbs have been used for beauty for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. There’s a common misconception that beauty comes from great genetics, expensive products, costly treatments, and going under the knife. However, there’s another way that’s much easier, safer, and more cost-effective: using herbs! Just as herbs are from the dust of the ground, so are we! It makes sense that the most beneficial and healing things we can put on our bodies would come from the ground.

Benefits of Using Herbs Topically:

  • Faster healing and recovery from wounds, burns, breaks, and other bodily injuries.
  • Much-needed nutrients can be absorbed not only through digestion but topically as well.
  • Skin is living, so it makes sense to take care of it not only from the inside but directly on its surface to bring nourishment, hydration, restoration, and repair.
  • The skin absorbs whatever is put on topically into the bloodstream in 26 seconds. Imagine if you were to put powerful herbs on your skin daily!
  • Our skin is made up of mostly minerals and proteins. Many herbs are high in minerals as well as proteins. These will help strengthen skin that has lost nutrients and structure.
  • Aging is not always kind to everyone, but you can help reverse it using restorative herbs that are packed full of life.
  • Unlike over-the-counter creams and treatments, herbal skin care is extremely safe for anyone to use. Unless someone is having a detox reaction or has a food allergy, herbs are some of the safest things you can put on your skin.
  • Not only will they not harm you or put toxins in your body, but they actually bring healing and restoration too.

They are safe for people of all ages and with all types of skin.

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Ways to Use Herbs for Beauty

Cleansing Oil or Moisturizing Oil: Ever heard of oil pulling for your mouth? Well, oil cleansing for the face is similar and just as amazing for it!

Cleansing with oil not only draws and breaks up dirt and debris but also balances the oil production of the skin and soothes and repairs tired and worn-down skin.

Making your own cleansing oil can be as easy as mixing coconut oil and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. However, there are many other oils, herbs, and essential oils you can use to create just the formula your skin needs. If you want an oil to soak into your skin, then creating a moisturizing oil or serum is just as simple.

Jojoba, sweet almond, and black seed oil are all amazing oils to use as bases for a fabulous homemade skin serum.


  • When making an oil formula, try creating an infusion of herbs in the oil first and using that oil as the base (example: chamomile and lavender infused in olive oil for two weeks).

Face Masks: Face masks are one of the most enjoyable ways to experiment with using herbs topically. By using a base of one or two herbal powders, your favorite nourishing oil, and other additions such as clay, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, essential oils, oats or sea salt (an exfoliant), honey, or even blended fruits and/or vegetables. They also give you speedy results!

Hair Masks: Similar to face masks, hair masks use very nourishing, soothing, nutrient-rich, and restorative herbs as well as oils and foods. You can even use clay to detox the scalp and hair from years of product use and toxins being absorbed through the skin.

Hair Rinses: So simple, yet so effective! Hair rinses have been used for thousands of years by many cultures to bring about long, luxurious, and beautiful hair. They can be as easy and straightforward as just using rice water, to recipes packed full of herbs, essential oils, apple cider vinegar, MSM, and even gelatin. This is one of my favorite ways to experiment with herbs while strengthening and nourishing my hair at the same time.

    The list of ways to incorporate herbs into your daily skin or hair care routine goes on and on. Finding recipes for a homemade exfoliant, tooth whitening paste, eyelash lengthening serum, skin toner, hair serum, hot oil treatment, or even hair spray can easily be found online or in herbal skin care books. 


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    2. Plant-Powered Beauty, Updated Edition: The Essential Guide to Using Natural Ingredients for Health, Wellness, and Personal Skincare 


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